EIC Training II – Panel Components, Instrumentation and WPA Specialized Equipment This course covers basic electrical circuits and their applications, electrical measurements, electrical power, electromagnetism, capacitance, and transformers. This course covers inductive, capacitive, magnetic reed, hall effect, and photoelectric sensors and their applications. Examples of topics include the operation of transistors used in electronic sensors, characteristics that affect capacitive proximity sensor operation, the operation of a magnetic reed switch, and how to design a relay circuit that senses a web of material. This course covers manual motor starters; control transformers; basic control, reversing motor, sequence, and timer circuits; magnetic motor control; and component-level and systems-level troubleshooting. Examples of topics include: the basic components of an electrical control circuit; the operation of selector switches, float switches, and on-delay timer relays; the operation of control relays and how to test them; how to test and analyze circuit signals; and common control methods used to reverse a three-phase motor.

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